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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Please forgive me

memang tension 1 hari,pelbagai perkara yg melanda diri ku. difitnah,dikhianati oleh KAWAN sendiri pun ada. Tak perlu dipersoalkan lagi, aku bukan suka mengungkit :) .Perkara yg lalu,telah lama aku lupakan.

Hati ni rasa sayu sgt, mana kau syg? :/ . Aku tunggu satu hari. Aku tak stayback dkat sekolah semata nak pujuk dia kembali. TETAPI, takde ape pun yg aku dpt.

Setelah selasai rasa sayu, timbul rasa kecewa. 'Aku ni tak diperlukan lagi?'. Aku redha, semua ni dugaan ALLAH terhadap diri aku. Semua ni salah aku juga,TAK RETI NAK SABAR. sayang,please forgive me . Ilysm :'( .

Ego dlm diri ni tinggi sgt,aku memang tak reti jaga hati perempuan, sorry about last night .

Forgive me
for your hate isn't something I can take
My feelings for you were never fake.

Forgive me
for I pine for you
Without you my beats will be painful, whatsoever few.

Forgive me
for I long to be fed by your tender hands
The nimble fingers that weave magic akin to a wand.

Forgive me
for without you I am all alone
Herein lies a void, only if it could be shown.

Forgive me
for 'I love you' ain't just a line
It’s a compendium of my emotions, left unbound by time.

Forgive me
for without you my nights are blue
Staring at the crescent moon, all i can ever think of is you.

Forgive me
for redemption is all i seek
I will henceforth be cautious, even turn meek.

Forgive me
for I want to hold you once again
Just to reinstate the belief that I am still sane.

Forgive me
for I want to see the sweet smile on your face
The gleam that drives away melancholy without a trace.

Forgive me
for all my dreams are cast around you
Once shattered, they won't be build anew.

Forgive me
for I have lost possession of my heart
It's yours now, even death won't do it part.

Forgive me
for i crave to wipe away your tears
Transcend with you to a utopian world where there ain't no fear.

Forgive me
for at times i went overboard
And behaved as a lout belonging to the horde.

Forgive me
for "You know me inside out" is all i can say
To regain your trust my lady, any price i am ready to pay.

Forgive me
for with you inside, i was never alone
I brazenly faced the world to which i now fall prone.

Forgive me
for my soul is already taken
Watching you walk away, my inner core is shaken.

Forgive me
for nyctalgia is slowly beginning to grow
Rendering me weak at the knees, forcing me to kowtow.

Forgive me
for its hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere i go
I can no longer put on a show.

Forgive me
for all i beg for is one last try
The last chance before you turn away and say goodbye.

Forgive me
for however naive this may sound
You are the only ethereal beauty this mortal has ever found.

Forgive me
for till my last breath i'll keep praying to the Heavens above
awaiting to hear from my angel , the three magical words of Love.

Forgive me
for i can't stop loving you
It's something that i will always do.

Forgive me...

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