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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

bu de bu ai

Setiap hari, semakin hari semakin rindu. Cinta tak pernah hilang, pudar apa tah lagi. Entah tiba2 terdengar lagu "bu de bu ai" make me miss her so much. Mungkin dia ingat aku tak sayangkan dia, mungkin dia ingat aku benci kan dia. Mungkin jugak dia ingat aku ni jenis yang suka balas dendam. Tapi, aku yang sentiasa di sini menantikan dia. Bukan "batak" cuma aku langsung tak boleh lupakan dia. Soal tentang nak cari perempuan lain? aku rasa takkan. Aku cuma dah serik, aku letih, dengan pengalaman dan kenangan pahit aku bersama seorang wanita ni yg pernah sakitkan hari aku. tentang si dia yg suka dengar lagu bu de bu ai ni, memang membuatkan aku semakin hari semakin pulih. rasa tenang bila tengok dia reply im fb dan mesej. tapi sekarang.. takpa la, aku rasa mungkin dia busy kot. seriously, aku betul-betul teringin nak kata dekat dia yang aku sayangkan dia, tapi...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"I'm okay.. " (part 1)

In a busy city, a man with no direction after he was let down a woman, walking to find life function. In the busy travel, he met a girl similar to what he experienced over the years, indirect attitude changed man. A few days later, in that same busy city they hangout together. Life was so beautiful. They are totally pleased with each other, but, the man knows what will happen between them. He continues to try to impress her even though she was feeling the same thing as the girl..

In the effort, the man felt very excited because very love that woman with full his life. And one day, the man know that the woman with another man after the woman giving relationship as a couple with him. He was disappointed and at the same time he rose and with this situation gave him a passion for compelling her back. The man did not give up despite what happened. He is always patient to win her back.

In a same busy city, the man relive wonderful moments together during their women in a relationship. Though their relationship is not long, happy moment and love between them can be felt. Men are often asked by his friends. "Are you okay bro?" he responded, "I'm Okay .." . The guy just wanted to make someone happy and smiling in love always. But he often wondered to himself " are there any space for me in her heart?" . He often wondered question to himself, repeating repeat and keep on repeat the same questions everyday. That man really loves that women so much...